January Fishing Report

Fishing the Cowlitz has been slow. Pressure has been light. Now that the freezing weather has gone we are seeing more people. Yesterday two winter run steelhead were caught at the Barrier. one was hatchery, the other one had a fin so was released. We have a few steelhead trickling in.

We are seeing a few nice coho that are being caught at Barrier on the bank. They are still using
twitching jigs, wicked lures, blue fox, corkie and yarn. A variety of colors are being used. Depends on the day they tell me.

Yesterday we also had a boat come in that caught a spring Chinook. His client took the fish home but we saw a picture of it. We may have our late winter run steelhead and spring Chinook come in at the same time.

Trout fishing at south county park in Toledo has still been good. Nice size trout are being caught.

Were waiting to hear of smelt coming in the Cowlitz. Hope we will have a season of some kind on them.

If you have cabin fever take a day and go fishing.