February Fishing Report

Things on the Cowlitz are a little damp and it’s raining, but we do have a few more fishermen out today. So that’s kind of a good sign. The fishing is still not red hot, we are still waiting for bigger numbers to come in, but we are still seeing a few nice fish. The water still has been kind of up and down, up and down, its kind of frustrating but the people putting their time in are getting some nice steelhead. There has been some pretty good size steelhead taken, nice and bright and so that’s what we want to hear.
Over the weekend there were a couple of sea lions that got up as far as Blue Creek and it was “Oh wow we don’t want them up here! But any way few more boats are getting out now. Some of them putting in at the Blue Creek area, that way they can work both ways.
All in all fishing is going OK but kind of slow. South County Park has slowed down some, they are still getting some nice trout but not limits like they were. Mayfield they been picking up some trout up there, I heard, up by the trout hatchery. Riffe, talk to a few people that fish Riffe, but have not gotten anything, they hadn’t really fished that long. Swofford, I hadn’t heard anything about it.
We still have a variety of fishing in the area. Take a nice day and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

February Presidents Message #2

We went over to Yakima this past weekend for the Sportsmen Show at the Yakima Sundome. There was a good turnout again this year. A big thank you to the Shuyler’s for another great year and always putting on a good show. Thank you to those who volunteered and helped out it is very appreciated.

The questions continue on where the missing 500,000 fish went from the Cowlitz River. There are some really great articles that we have included in this months newsletter. Please get your comments and concerns in to Senator Pearson so we can be heard regarding this situation and get some answers to all of our questions. You can email Senator Pearson at jess.honcoop@leg.wa.gov.

Thank you,

Don Glaser
F.O.C. President

February Presidents Message

We are getting ready to go to the Sportsmen Show at the Sun Dome in Yakima. The Shuyler’s always put on a good show. Hope to see some of you there, February 17th, 18th and 19th. I picked up the Raffle Drift Boat on Friday so that’s ready to go. Tickets are available now. Our spring chinook in the net pens are doing great. They are nice and healthy. We also received our coho eggs for the egg boxes this week, which will be distributed in the tributaries to the Cowlitz.

You will also see we have put a very disturbing article in this newsletter, that our great WDFW lost over 1/2 a million smolt again. But as you can see WDFW said they lost them and didn’t know where they went. How in the hell can that be possible??? What did they do just get up and walk out of the hatchery and go on vacation?? Bull-shit.. Its all about politics, greed and money. Once again the sportsmen takes it in the rear. The mighty Cowlitz River that use to be the number one river in the United States for steelhead and salmon is now coming in dead last on every specie that is mixed in the steelhead and salmon hatchery.

Believe me I am tired of getting fed all this garbage on their lies and excuses on how they lose all those fish and don’t know where they are going-and all the fish that are dying in the hatcheries and not telling us the real truth. No wonder our run’s are so poor every year. It’s because of all these excuses that are not true. Believe me friends, we are going to get to the bottom of this and find out what’s going on with the mighty Cowlitz. Not only that, why is it that the last 4 years that a huge percentage of our hatchery fish have all there fins on them. So if you add all these problems up and you fish the Cowlitz all day long you would be dam lucky to keep one legal fish.

At one of our meetings with WDFW and Tacoma, I told them they should be real proud of themselves that we have the only 2 hatcheries in the world that can raise dead fish. Nobody can raise dead fish like we do. As we look into this matter we will keep you posted. We are also demanding they put back in the Cowlitz our early winter run steelhead. WDFW made the remark our early winter-run Chamber Creek stock was interfering with the wild salmon spawning beds. When the early steelhead come in the river that time of year Dec, Jan and Feb there is nothing spawning at that time. What do they think we are..Stupid?? They do have many other winter run stocks they could have used.

Stay Tuned.. We will keep you posted.

Don Glaser
F.O.C. President