March Presidents Message

As you can see in this months newsletter we still haven’t found where over half a million fish have disappeared, instead of swimming down the Cowlitz they must have went through the woods or down the freeway to get the ocean by themselves.

I do not understand how WDFW can come up with all these lame excuses. They must feel that all sportsmen are either naive or just plain stupid.

As each week goes on we will be looking into this deeper and deeper and we will get answers!

As of today March 18, 2017 WDFW had a meeting in Olympia with the public and different fishery groups to try and explain where all these fish went. We know that the WDFW will come up with more lies and stupid answers on this. So we will be following through with the results of this meeting and will be reporting on all there statements and accusations in next months newsletter. We will get to the bottom of this problem.

The questions still continue on where all the missing 500,000 fish went from the Cowlitz River. Please read the articles in this months newsletter to see what has happened from last month. Please don’t forget that you can send all comments and concerns to Senator Pearson so everyone can be heard regarding this situation and get the answers that are deserved.  You can email Senator Pearson at

Stay tuned in the upcoming issues of the newsletter for more information on this.

Thank you,

Don Glaser
FOC President

March Fishing Report

Fishing the Cowlitz has been a challenge right now. We have had rain
most of the week. The flows have been high. Right now we are running
14,500 CFS. They have been catching fish. Boat and bank fishermen both. They tell me one day is good and the next day they have to work harder to find a fish. That’s what the high water does. A lot of bank fishermen  have gone to plunking right now. Some nice steel head have been caught.

Boaters are still free drifting and pulling 3.5 mags. A variety of colors are being used. Super baits have also been good. Sand shrimp,eggs and looney cooneys have been the bait of choice.

The last I heard visability was about 10 in. From I-5 down the river has got a lot of color. If you want to catch a fish, put your time in and you will catch one. A few more spring Chinook have also been caught.

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground