May Fishing Report

Things on the Cowlitz have been going good. Fishermen have been getting some nice fish. The water is still running high around 14,600. A lot of the guys have switched over to plunking. They have been doing well catching fish while plunking also. Most of the action has been up here at Barrier Dam as far as bank fishermen go. There are a few still fishing Blue Creek. Most everyone is after the spinners right now. We are still seeing a little mixture of the late winter run steelhead and summer run steelhead. We do have a few of those showing now. Which is good and gives us a little variety.
A lot of boat fishermen are still going in at Blue Creek and working both ways. Parking lot down here has been better than it was, a lot of them are putting in at Barrier also. So you never know whatever boat ramp you put in you can always work around that area. Water color is still good. We are seeing limits of springers being taken. I am going to say they are doing well. At Mayfield Lake they have been picking up some trout up there now. Swofford Pond they are picking up some trout and bass. They are getting bass at Swofford Pond and Riffe Lake both from what I am hearing. I have not heard much else around the area as far as fishing goes.

Take a nice day, relax and go fishing!


Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

May Presidents Message

It is getting to be that time of year again… Fish Pond Functions are starting.. If you would like to help out with the functions please let me know by calling the Barrier Dam Campground at 360.985.2495.

The first fish pond function to kick off the summer season will be here at Barrier Dam Campground over Memorial Day Weekend. Bring your kids down and let them catch a fish!  Then on June 3rd Friends of the Cowlitz Fish Pond will be down at Bob’s Sporting Goods in Longview.  Hope to see everyone out there.

The questions are still continuing regarding the missing fish in the Cowlitz. We are continuing with attending meetings, voicing comments and concerns and staying on top of what is happening. As we get new information it will be included in our newsletter. We are still taking any comments, concerns or issues that people are wanting to get to Senator Pearson. You can email Senator Pearson at jess.honcoop@leg.wa.go. Or if you feel more comfortable please don’t hesitate to call, stop in or email the FOC office at with the subject of Comments for Pearson, so we can continue to put pressure on the agencies that aren’t giving any answers or making any headway in the situations.

F.O.C. and other interested parties are really pushing to get the early winter run steelhead back. This not only takes a toll on the fishing community but also local and surrounding businesses and families.

Thank you,

Don Glaser
F.O.C. President