August Fishing Report

Fishing the Cowlitz is still going o.k. There are some nice fish out there but you do have to put your time in. As we all know we don’t have that many fish this year. Steel head fishing has been spotty. Some days they do good and go out the next day and don’t get a bite. They are recycling steel head now so if you get one with a tag in be sure to bring it in so we can turn it in. If we don’t get enough tags back they won’t recycle. I have had some turned in already. The steel head they are catching are very nice. Still using a lot of jigs, corkies and sand shrimp and eggs if you like bait. A variety of colors are being used.
I had a nice 19lb fall Chinook come in yesterday. That was caught at the Barrier Dam. So we do have a few fall kings coming in. There are some nice late spring Chinook being caught also. They are using mostly shrimp, eggs, and corkies for the salmon. Most of the boats are still fishing for steel head.
The water level has been up and down. That does affect the bite the fishermen tell me.

Take a day when you have time and patience and go fishing and you will catch a nice fish.
Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

August Presidents Message

Summer is nearing to an end. We’ve had another hot dry one. Hope everyone is surviving the heat. We had our fish pond function at Chehalis West last week. It was hot but turned out to be a great success.

We have another fish pond function August 24th at the Cooks Hill Manor House in Centralia. Across from Providence Hospital. Anyone wishing to help please contact Don at 360-985-2495.

Our last fish pond function will be at the Barrier Dam Campground on Labor Day Weekend, September 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Ages 1 to 14.

Hope everyone had a great summer.

Don Glaser
Friends of the Cowlitz