September Fish Report

Things on the Cowlitz are going a little bit better. We are seeing quite a few more steelhead, and there are a lot of fall chinook being caught, but a lot of them having to be released because they have a lot of fins. They have been catching quite a few Fall kings. There are picking up steelhead thru out the river I hear. I know boats have been doing pretty well. There are some days that have been pretty skimpy but that’s why its called fishing and not catching. Bank fishermen have been picking up some nice steelhead now. They are fishing at night for steelhead down at Blue Creek. Corky and yarn, some have been using the Wicked Lure’s, even on steelhead and of course your jigger bobber cant be beat. They are still topping of jigs with a piece of looney cooney bait. Shrimp and eggs are very good for salmon, corkie and yarn are good for salmon. So it’s a little variety of what they are using.

But all in all the water has been staying right around 4800 so fishermen like that. It’s not the fluctuation up and down. They have been getting some nice trout in Mayfield Lake. Riffe Lake they are still picking up silvers and bass. Swofford pond, trout and bass. Some are fishing for catfish from what I’ve heard.

We still have a nice variety of fishing in the area. Take a nice day and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

September Presidents Message

Our last fish pond function for the year was over Labor Day weekend and it was a great success. We had such nice weather. The kids had a lot of fun and caught a lot of fish. I want to thank Gary Olsen, Kly Thompson and Keith Smith. Good job guys!

We are still continuing to attend meetings concerning fishing on the Cowlitz. Our latest meeting was about putting Kokanee back into Riffe Lake and getting the early winter run steelhead back into the Cowlitz.

We would like to hear from our FOC members, the public and anyone else who has interest in these issues. We need to get our input on these matters heard. If anyone has any comments or concerns on any of these matters please let us know and we can get these to the appropriate parties involved to get these issues resolved before next spring gets here. You can call Don at 360-985-2495,  send an email to, by us mail or even stop by Barrier Dam store.

Don’t forget the Boat drawing  is only a few months away. Don’t forget to get those boat tickets for your chance to win.

Thank you,

Don Glaser
President, Friends of the Cowlitz