November Fishing Report

Fishing on the Cowlitz today has been very good, same as last few days. Our silvers are coming in pretty good now. They are picking up quite a few without the fins, there are still some with fins, patience this time of year, if you stick it out and put in your time you’ll get your limit. The water lever has been staying around 4600 or 4700, so that’s a good level. The fluctuation sometimes hurts the bite for a few hours till they settle down again.
They are still using a variety, some days it’s a bai day, a lot of eggs of course, egg and bobber, sometimes egg and shrimp together, corky and yarn, Blue Fox, twitching jigs, and the Wicked Lure. The Wicked Lure has been very good lately. Sometimes no two days are the same.
All in all fishing is going good on the Cowlitz River. Mayfield Lake are still getting some trout. Riffe Lake are still picking up some silvers. Swofford Pond are still catching trout and bass. And there has been a few guys going out cat fishing. All in all we do have a nice variety of fishing in the area.

Take a nice day and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

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