January Fishing Report

Things on the Cowlitz River are going about the same, it’s been pretty slow. Not much pressure and we still do have some fish. We have had some silvers still coming in. There have been a few more winter steelhead that were taken up to the hatchery this week. There are fish out there but the weather really hasn’t been cooperating . People are going back to work now after the holidays so we are seeing fewer fishermen but we are seeing a few fish here and there.
The water did get a little color here the last few days. We must have some mud coming down from the Tilton River from that hard rain. South County Park in Toledo are still picking up some nice trout. Mayfield Lake have been catching some trout over there by the trout hatchery.
There’s still fishing in the area. They just have to adjust to the weather I guess.

Take a nice day and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

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