January Presidents Message

I hope everyone has had a great start the New Year.

The Yakima Sportsmen show will be here before we know it. We will be heading over and be there the whole weekend February 16,th 17th and 18th. We are looking for volunteers to help if you are interested. And if any of our members will be over that way..Stop in and say   Hello.

In this months newsletter there are very important articles that everyone needs to read not just our members but also the public. These articles contain all sorts of information on why the resources we do have are going to hell, why hatcheries are closing, the guesstimates of what rivers/tributaries will be getting fish this year.

It is all going to come down to us the people who enjoy fishing, who pay to get our licenses, who like to be on the river or river banks, If us as people, businesses, members or just tourists don’t start standing up and sending our comments, calling or just voicing our opinions to WDFW there’s not going to be fishing, purchasing licenses or being on the river or on a bank and there is not going to be tourism…
Start calling, emailing, writing, anything to your representative, congress and WDFW so everyone can be heard. Commission@DFW.WA.Gov

Don Glaser, President
Friends of the Cowlitz

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