December Presidents Message

President Message

As we get closer to the end of 2018. I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019. We here at Friends of the Cowlitz hope everyone has had a good holiday season.
On December 1st, we had the annual Boat Raffle and potluck. Had a good turn out again this year. A big Congratulations to the 2018 Winner… Hope Estrade from White Swan, WA.
We also want to say a Thank you to all our members and supporters in these last few months with the newsletter. We are finally hoping the issues with mailings and the postal service will now be resolved and everything will begin to resume as usual.
Thank you members and supporters for sticking with FOC for another year. We appreciate all your efforts and support throughout the years.

Don Glaser
President, Friends of the Cowlitz

December Fishing Report

Karen’s Fish Report

Things on the Cowlitz River are probably about the same, but we do have a few more fish that have come in. Last week they did raise the water up to almost 10,000 cfs. And so what was down below, I think is the fish we got. There were quite a few that went into the hatchery. And I would say they caught more last week. A few more steelhead also most from what I have heard are coming from the Blue Creek area. Coho are mostly coming from Barrier Dam area. I have heard Mayfield Lake is doing pretty well, and then all of a sudden a gentlemen said he couldn’t get a fish. But some were getting some really nice trout. Riffe Lake is still getting a few silvers. Swofford Pond has been getting some trout and catfish. All in all we have got some good fishing in the area. Bundle up and maybe take your umbrella and take a day relax and go fishing!