April Fishing Report

Things on the Cowlitz River have picked up some. We have more steelhead, so if there’s more fish there is more fish to catch which makes the fishermen happy.
They have done pretty good, especially the Blue Creek area, both bankers and boaters. You are still having to put your time in, we’re hearing, and seeing a few more fish and that’s a good sign. Plunkers are still picking up some nice steelhead, so that means there are fish coming yet.
The water flow has dropped and now we’re down to 3800,and that’s really pretty low. Once it gets stabilized the bite gets better. I think we will be looking at low water for most of the year. All in all pressure has picked up, there has been quite a few more people out there fishing now, quite a few boats going out at Blue Creek and Mission Creek every day so that is a good sign. Mayfield Lake they are picking up some nice trout from what I have heard. Riffe Lake they are still getting some silvers. And as far as I know I don’t think the boat launches are open on Riffe yet. Swofford Pond are getting some trout and some bass.
All in all we still have some fishing in the area, so take a nice day or a rainy day just take your rain gear with you 😉 Anyways relax and go fishing.

April Presidents Message

Spring has arrived with a few nice days but the rain has been upon us. We will be adding lots of interesting and new articles in the newsletter for upcoming months. There has been to much to just fit into one month so we will be expanding them into each month for these next few months.
Don’t forget to get your tickets for the 2019 Boat. It is a beauty. You can purchase by calling Barrier Dam Campground at 360-985-2495.
Not a whole lot to report this month but as anything new comes in we will be putting it in the newsletters.
Hope everyone is staying dry and enjoying this spring weather.