September Fishing Report

There are cutthroat and steelhead still in Blue Creek and they are heading toward the barrier. There are also coho salmon in the river now. Last week Tacoma Power employees recovered 102 coho adults, 6 fall jacks, 48 summer-run steelhead jack, 11 cutthroat trout, 10 spring chinook adults, and 4 spring cinook mini-jacks during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatcery separator. During the past week Tacoma Powe employees released 9 coho adults, 2 coho jacks, and 3 spring chinook adults into the Cispus river located near Randle and they released 3 spring chinook adults, 12 coho adults, 2 coho jacks, and 2 cutthroat trout at Packwood Bridge. To date Tacoma power employees have recycled 644 summer-run steelhead to the lower Cowlitz River.
River flows are at 2510 cubic feet per second on Monday, September 16th. Water visibility is 14 feet and the water temperature is 53.8 F. River flows could change at any time so boaters and anglers should remain alert for this possibility.
Still lots of fishing in the area. Take a nice day and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

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