Hello FOC members, friends and family.
Looks like everything has been picking up and opening back up a little at a time. Fishing is still a little slow where you have to put your time in but there is a lot more people getting out and about.
So far Fish Pond Functions have not gone on as we had liked. Some have been cancelled due to the different phases but we are keeping optimistic that soon these will get to happen and reschedule if possible. We will still  be looking for volunteers to help with these events. If you are interested in helping please contact the Barrier Dam Store at 360-985-2495.
As always thank you all for your continued support especially through these trying times. We hope all of you are staying happy, safe and healthy.


Don Glaser
FOC President

Things are pretty slow so far this week, summer run are barely trickling in. If you want to catch summer run you have to put your time in. They are doing pretty well with Kokanee up on Riffe Lake. I keep hearing they have been hitting them real hard.
I have heard of a few bass being caught out on Swofford Pond not much else yet. I haven’t heard of anything from Mayfield this week. I hear of some real nice rainbow being caught out of Crystal Lake.
The river level right now is 6850 as of June 5th.

Take a day and go Fishing!
Barrier Dam Campground