August President’s Message

Labor Day is quickly approaching and again this year at Barrier Dam Store Friends of the Cowlitz will have an annual fish pond function and free fishing for the kids on August 31, September 1st and September 2nd.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with these events. If you are interested in this please contact Karen or Don at 360.985.2495.

A big Thank You to all those who volunteered for the fish pond functions at both Chehalis West and Cooks Hill Manor. We appreciate you being there and helping out.


Don Glaser
FOC President

July Presidents Message

Looks like summer is finally arriving. Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather we are having.

Thank you to the volunteers that have helped with the recent fish pond functions. We greatly appreciate your help in keeping these going.

If you would like to volunteer at the Fish Pond Functions and would like information on helping out please contact The Barrier Dam Campground for either Karen or Don 360.985.2495.

Here’s to a Happy and safe summer for everyone!
Thank you for all your continued support.

Don Glaser
FOC President

April Presidents Message

Spring has arrived with a few nice days but the rain has been upon us. We will be adding lots of interesting and new articles in the newsletter for upcoming months. There has been to much to just fit into one month so we will be expanding them into each month for these next few months.
Don’t forget to get your tickets for the 2019 Boat. It is a beauty. You can purchase by calling Barrier Dam Campground at 360-985-2495.
Not a whole lot to report this month but as anything new comes in we will be putting it in the newsletters.
Hope everyone is staying dry and enjoying this spring weather.

March Presidents Message

In February Friends of the Cowlitz went to the Sportsmen Show over in Yakima at the Sundome. We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to Merle and Bev Shuyler for having Friends of the Cowlitz each year. They both are a huge help and put on a great show each year. We also want to thank the volunteers that help out with these events. Without you many of them would not be possible. Thank you everyone for another great year at the Sundome.

Don’t forget the new boat is here and you can see it at The Barrier Dam Campground. Tickets are $2 each and can be purchased via phone or in person. All orders can be mailed if paying with credit/debit card and mailed if you are not local. Don’t miss your chance 🙂

Spring is arriving it will be nice to have some warmer weather and get rid of the cold. Thank you to all out members to a great start to the new year!

Don Glaser

President, Friends of the Cowlitz

December Presidents Message

President Message

As we get closer to the end of 2018. I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019. We here at Friends of the Cowlitz hope everyone has had a good holiday season.
On December 1st, we had the annual Boat Raffle and potluck. Had a good turn out again this year. A big Congratulations to the 2018 Winner… Hope Estrade from White Swan, WA.
We also want to say a Thank you to all our members and supporters in these last few months with the newsletter. We are finally hoping the issues with mailings and the postal service will now be resolved and everything will begin to resume as usual.
Thank you members and supporters for sticking with FOC for another year. We appreciate all your efforts and support throughout the years.

Don Glaser
President, Friends of the Cowlitz

March Presidents Message

We want to extend a huge Thank you to everyone who has sent there best wishes for Don as he is in recovery. All of Don and Karen’s family appreciates it.

As changes keep happening, we appreciate all the patience that everyone has had with us here at F.O.C. We do have a new contact for F.O.C matters, which is Greg King for any questions, concerns or information you may have. He may be contacted at 360.749.4523. We are doing our best to keep everyone updated with the newest information as we proceed. As Leah is not in the office everyday she will be checking in on emails throughout the week and she will get them directed to the correct person to get all questions answered.

F.O.C was at the Sportsmen Show last month in Yakima. We had a successful weekend with new inquires about F.O.C and lots of new interest on what F.O.C is all about.

A special Thank you to all the guys who helped with the net pens and releasing of the fish in the past couple weeks. We have provided pictures and an article on page 6. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We will be having Fish Pond Functions coming up in June and are starting to look for volunteers who are willing to help. You can contact Leah by email or leave a message at 360.985.2505, contact Greg at 360.749-4523 or contact Barrier Dam Campground at 360.985.2495.

We are looking ahead to another successful year.

Don’t forget we also have Boat Tickets that can be purchased by phone, email or in person by contacting Leah, Greg or Karen.

February Presidents Message

Dear Friends of the Cowlitz members and interested parties,

If you’ve not heard, Don Glaser the President of Friends of the Cowlitz has had some recent health challenges and is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. We hope at some time in the near future Don will be able to return to FOC in any capacity he wishes to. As you know Don has been the president of FOC for many years, His passion for the Cowlitz river fisheries is and has been a lifelong venture. Don has been an outspoken advocate on many varied issues for you, FOC, the fishery and the community over the years;  He has initiated and forwarded many substantial fisheries enhancement programs on the Cowlitz that are Vanguard and is working to help increase adult returns to the Cowlitz River, His Net pen rearing of Salmon, sea run Cutthroat trout and steelhead, tributary stream egg and fry supplementation have shown good success and returns, FOC youth fishing ponds and events have helped many a kid catch their first fish were put together and led by him. The boat raffles and many others are just a few of the many projects  Don has had a dedication to, as well as the river and you the members.

As we all know Don has a reputation and obstinacy that he proudly wore – which was mostly led by his passion for the Cowlitz river fishery and you the members of FOC.  Don can have a good smile and laugh too. Karen, his wife of over 50 years has steadfastly assisted Don, FOC and their programs, I often ask her  “where’s her trophy that she deserves” for putting up with him. I have been a member of FOC for years now, Don and the board asked and put me on as Vise President early in 2017 (where I worked on various advocacy, legislative testimony, Cowlitz Adhoc and other issues for FOC) and asked if I would be interested in advancing FOC. I have built positive relations with Tacoma Power administration and hatchery managers.  I know many fisherman, guides and business owners in the area.

I am also the Chairman of Northwest Fisheries Enhancement- NWFE, you can see my bio on www. and some of the resources that FOC now has. NWFE is a support nonprofit organization for Community Fisheries Organizations /CFOs like FOC and we’ll bring that support to carry on, strengthen and advance FOC directions.  NWFE has been working with Don/FOC to move the organization forward.
Now the mission short term is to see that FOC, the programs and operations in place continue and in good order, that the day to day functions are moving along smoothly, address current and upcoming advocacy issues and look to advance FOC, the fishery and community following Don’s vision.  I assure you that FOC will maintain in good shape and your membership is appreciated.

I do not expect to do any major changes for the near future to FOC, but keep it moving and in good order. Leah, the FOC office manager is continuing that important role with her assistance and guidance. In the fashion of the Non Profit structure of FOC, The board of directors will meet soon for further direction.  We’ll see how Don does (and hope he get back to FOC soon) before any long term changes. At this time I am happy to be your point of contact for FOC until Don gets back on his feet. Many have helped Don and FOC now and in the past, doing membership drives and FOC displays, The Net Pens, fish rearing and feedings, the Yakima Sportsman show for boat raffle.  I’m sure Don will tell them all “Thanks a bunch” when he returns as we all do!

Please Support Karen, their family and assist to take the burden off as her main focus is to help Don in his rehabilitation.

Kindly send a Get Well and best wishes note to Don and support Karen and their family at: FOC PO Box 248, Salkum WA 98582 or by email  please avoid calling. We’ll see that your messages get to Don and I’m sure they will cheer him and help in his recovery.

Good luck, best wishes, prayers and a speedy recovery to good health for Don and his family.
Thank you for your membership and support of FOC!

Larry Pryor
Vice President- Friends of the Cowlitz
509 292 6410

January Presidents Message

I hope everyone has had a great start the New Year.

The Yakima Sportsmen show will be here before we know it. We will be heading over and be there the whole weekend February 16,th 17th and 18th. We are looking for volunteers to help if you are interested. And if any of our members will be over that way..Stop in and say   Hello.

In this months newsletter there are very important articles that everyone needs to read not just our members but also the public. These articles contain all sorts of information on why the resources we do have are going to hell, why hatcheries are closing, the guesstimates of what rivers/tributaries will be getting fish this year.

It is all going to come down to us the people who enjoy fishing, who pay to get our licenses, who like to be on the river or river banks, If us as people, businesses, members or just tourists don’t start standing up and sending our comments, calling or just voicing our opinions to WDFW there’s not going to be fishing, purchasing licenses or being on the river or on a bank and there is not going to be tourism…
Start calling, emailing, writing, anything to your representative, congress and WDFW so everyone can be heard. Commission@DFW.WA.Gov

Don Glaser, President
Friends of the Cowlitz

December Presidents Message

We had the Boat Raffle on Saturday December 2. It was a little chilly out but we had a good turn out and also a good potluck. Congratulations to the 2017 Boat Winner Casey Poor from Yakima. Casey bought 5 tickets with the winning ticket #0452 while visiting the Yakima Sportsmen Show back in February. He is so excited that he Won!

Back in November we received around 58,000 fish for the net pens. All the fish looked good. So a big Thank You to those who helped pressure wash and get the pens ready to go.

As we end another year I want to say a Big Thank You to all those who have helped and volunteered throughout the year. All the help is greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Friends of the Cowlitz. Here’s to making 2018 another great year!


Don Glaser
F.O.C. President

November President’s Message

The boat raffle is just around the corner. On December 2nd the winner will be drawn. If you are planning on getting yourself tickets for the chance to win you can call barrier Dam Campground at 360-985-2495 and purchase your tickets over the phone or if you are in the area come stop by.

On December 2nd we will also be having a potluck lunch before the winner is picked. Come on down, bring your favorite dish or dessert, visit for a bit and then be here when the winner is announced.

I want to take this time out again to Thank all of FOC’s members and volunteers. All your help is greatly appreciated.

Don Glaser
FOC President