April Fishing Report

Fish Report

Things are going pretty well, we are seeing quite a few more fish. More spring Chinook, and we are still getting some late winter run steelhead. The water levels have still been fluctuating some but most of the guys have adjusted to that. You have great visibility up here. They are still using a lot of shrimp, a lot of eggs, a lot of jigs, corky and yarn, the wicked lure. So there is still a variety of fishing going on.

And the boat fishermen are free drifting, some are pulling the 3×5 Megg now. They are pulling the super baits. So as far as the boats go they are catching some real nice fish, most of it is in the Blue Creek area. Mostly the boat fishermen are targeting the steelhead yet. Barrier Dam up here they are getting some nice spring Chinook we have seen this week and still steelhead also from bank fishermen coming from Blue Creek. And there have been night fishermen down there at Blue Creek too now. So all in all the Cowlitz has been doing well. Mayfield Lake they are picking up some trout up there now. Still haven’t heard much on Riffe Lake or Swofford Pond. I did hear that they planted some fish in Swofford Pond. South County Park, I have heard, there has been people fishing down there, and they are getting some nice fish again.

We do have a variety of fishing in the area. Take a nice day or rainy day and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

March Fishing Report

Fishing the Cowlitz has been a challenge right now. We have had rain
most of the week. The flows have been high. Right now we are running
14,500 CFS. They have been catching fish. Boat and bank fishermen both. They tell me one day is good and the next day they have to work harder to find a fish. That’s what the high water does. A lot of bank fishermen  have gone to plunking right now. Some nice steel head have been caught.

Boaters are still free drifting and pulling 3.5 mags. A variety of colors are being used. Super baits have also been good. Sand shrimp,eggs and looney cooneys have been the bait of choice.

The last I heard visability was about 10 in. From I-5 down the river has got a lot of color. If you want to catch a fish, put your time in and you will catch one. A few more spring Chinook have also been caught.

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

February Fishing Report

Things on the Cowlitz are a little damp and it’s raining, but we do have a few more fishermen out today. So that’s kind of a good sign. The fishing is still not red hot, we are still waiting for bigger numbers to come in, but we are still seeing a few nice fish. The water still has been kind of up and down, up and down, its kind of frustrating but the people putting their time in are getting some nice steelhead. There has been some pretty good size steelhead taken, nice and bright and so that’s what we want to hear.
Over the weekend there were a couple of sea lions that got up as far as Blue Creek and it was “Oh wow we don’t want them up here! But any way few more boats are getting out now. Some of them putting in at the Blue Creek area, that way they can work both ways.
All in all fishing is going OK but kind of slow. South County Park has slowed down some, they are still getting some nice trout but not limits like they were. Mayfield they been picking up some trout up there, I heard, up by the trout hatchery. Riffe, talk to a few people that fish Riffe, but have not gotten anything, they hadn’t really fished that long. Swofford, I hadn’t heard anything about it.
We still have a variety of fishing in the area. Take a nice day and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

January Fishing Report

Fishing the Cowlitz has been slow. Pressure has been light. Now that the freezing weather has gone we are seeing more people. Yesterday two winter run steelhead were caught at the Barrier. one was hatchery, the other one had a fin so was released. We have a few steelhead trickling in.

We are seeing a few nice coho that are being caught at Barrier on the bank. They are still using
twitching jigs, wicked lures, blue fox, corkie and yarn. A variety of colors are being used. Depends on the day they tell me.

Yesterday we also had a boat come in that caught a spring Chinook. His client took the fish home but we saw a picture of it. We may have our late winter run steelhead and spring Chinook come in at the same time.

Trout fishing at south county park in Toledo has still been good. Nice size trout are being caught.

Were waiting to hear of smelt coming in the Cowlitz. Hope we will have a season of some kind on them.

If you have cabin fever take a day and go fishing.

Karens Fishing Report for December

Fishing the Cowlitz has been slow. The pressure has been light. We still do have some late silvers coming in. The guys with patience and time are getting some bright fish. We saw a nice winter run steel head this week from Barrier Dam. The hatchery has taken a few in.

Most are still using twisting jigs or the wicked lure. The water has been high. We are down to 9830 cfs. this morning. The cold weather has been hard on rods and reels. Once they get wet they
freeze. Cold weather is also hard on fingers.(ha) Not many boats have been going out. Most are waiting for our winter run steel head.

If you like trout fishing South County Park in Toledo has been doing excellent.
Many of our customers have been going there and getting limits. Nice big trout.
Most are using light line and power bait.

Karen Glaser

Barrier Dam Campground