June Presidents Message

We had our fish pond function at Bob’s Sporting Goods last week (June 3rd). It was another great success this year. The kids enjoyed the free fishing and had a great time. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped out.

Our ticket sales on the raffle boat were also good, even though we didn’t have a motor on the boat. There are still thieves around. The thief or thieves stole the motor off the boat Friday night June 2nd. If anyone has any information on the theft of the motor please call me at 360-985-2495. Your name will be kept confidential. It has been reported to the Lewis County Sheriff’s office, we do have a case number.

I want to thank Keith Smith for taking care of the fish pond function here over Memorial Day weekend. Great job done Keith.

Barrier Dam Campground is having a fish pond function over 4th of July weekend. July 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Free fishing for the kids ages 1-14, 10:00am to 4:00pm. Anyone wishing to help please call Don at 360-985-2495.

Don Glaser


Friends of the Cowlitz

May Presidents Message

It is getting to be that time of year again… Fish Pond Functions are starting.. If you would like to help out with the functions please let me know by calling the Barrier Dam Campground at 360.985.2495.

The first fish pond function to kick off the summer season will be here at Barrier Dam Campground over Memorial Day Weekend. Bring your kids down and let them catch a fish!  Then on June 3rd Friends of the Cowlitz Fish Pond will be down at Bob’s Sporting Goods in Longview.  Hope to see everyone out there.

The questions are still continuing regarding the missing fish in the Cowlitz. We are continuing with attending meetings, voicing comments and concerns and staying on top of what is happening. As we get new information it will be included in our newsletter. We are still taking any comments, concerns or issues that people are wanting to get to Senator Pearson. You can email Senator Pearson at jess.honcoop@leg.wa.go. Or if you feel more comfortable please don’t hesitate to call, stop in or email the FOC office at
friendsofthecowlitz@tds.net with the subject of Comments for Pearson, so we can continue to put pressure on the agencies that aren’t giving any answers or making any headway in the situations.

F.O.C. and other interested parties are really pushing to get the early winter run steelhead back. This not only takes a toll on the fishing community but also local and surrounding businesses and families.

Thank you,

Don Glaser
F.O.C. President

April Presidents Message

Mossyrock Hatchery needs to come back home!

Well, a lot of issues would be resolved if WDFW would use our Mossyrock Trout Hatchery for rearing Cowlitz River stocks instead of using it to rear trout for Eastern Washington and their Kalama River wild steelhead brood stock program.

One has to ask who in region 5 made such stupid management calls? The Cowlitz hatchery has been limited to its production for several reasons such as having access to good clean water free from disease and lack of warmer ground and spring water temperatures which promotes bigger and better size smolts. The Mossyrock Trout Hatchery has both of these prime conditions to rear our fish in, but WDFW has chosen to use it for other out of basin fish production needs. That needs to change and it needs changing now!

It’s way past time that WDFW needs to start caring about the Cowlitz River needs; instead of what some other basins political needs are, especially their own stupid self serving Eastside trout stocking programs. If they want a trout fishery for that area, they should grow them over there or buy them from a fish farm. Its time for Kalama WDFW fish managers to seek out their own local basin needs and remedies for their own wild steelhead brood programs too! If WDFW would use the Mossyrock Trout Hatchery for its own watershed needs (the Cowlitz Basin), it could easily raise an additional 65,000 late winters or summer run steelhead or more there. Additionally, having the ability to start raising early river run steelhead for the months of November, December and January which should have never been taken out of the Cowlitz in the first place.

After rearing these fish to 7fpp they could be taken back down to the Cowlitz Trout hatchery and put into Tacoma’s earthen ponds for acclimation and volitional release. This would also greatly reduce the problems that Tacoma and WDFW have had recently with their bird predation problems where they have recently loss some 500,000 plus steelhead and cutthroat smolts. WDFW continually tells us that Tacoma can’t rear anymore then 650,000 pounds (Tacoma’s self imposed limits) of fish in their combined hatcheries, but there is NO good reason why our WDFW can’t use its own Mossyrock Hatchery to rear addition fish for the Cowlitz sport fishers. WDFW’s own top manager (Jim Scott) has stated that each sport caught steelhead generates approximately $1000 to the local community’s economics that they are caught in and that was over 10 years ago! If we get back the standard adult return rate on summers (about 1%) that would be about 650 sport caught fish which is worth about $650,000 or more to our local economies. Some return years are as high as 3.5% so we could triple the dollar value at times. As it currently stands, WDFW is more concerned about the health of the Kalama steelhead wild brood program and the eastern trout fishery then they are about the health of our Cowlitz River and its fishery. Maybe its time for another senate committee hearing on this Mossyrock Hatchery issue just like the last hearing that was held earlier in April on the huge loss of our steelhead smolts?

That hearing resulted in seeing the past Region 5 Fish manager being transferred to another position out of region 5 which was way over due. We are not done with this issue, so stay tuned!

March Presidents Message

As you can see in this months newsletter we still haven’t found where over half a million fish have disappeared, instead of swimming down the Cowlitz they must have went through the woods or down the freeway to get the ocean by themselves.

I do not understand how WDFW can come up with all these lame excuses. They must feel that all sportsmen are either naive or just plain stupid.

As each week goes on we will be looking into this deeper and deeper and we will get answers!

As of today March 18, 2017 WDFW had a meeting in Olympia with the public and different fishery groups to try and explain where all these fish went. We know that the WDFW will come up with more lies and stupid answers on this. So we will be following through with the results of this meeting and will be reporting on all there statements and accusations in next months newsletter. We will get to the bottom of this problem.

The questions still continue on where all the missing 500,000 fish went from the Cowlitz River. Please read the articles in this months newsletter to see what has happened from last month. Please don’t forget that you can send all comments and concerns to Senator Pearson so everyone can be heard regarding this situation and get the answers that are deserved.  You can email Senator Pearson at jess.honcoop@leg.wa.gov

Stay tuned in the upcoming issues of the newsletter for more information on this.

Thank you,

Don Glaser
FOC President

February Presidents Message #2

We went over to Yakima this past weekend for the Sportsmen Show at the Yakima Sundome. There was a good turnout again this year. A big thank you to the Shuyler’s for another great year and always putting on a good show. Thank you to those who volunteered and helped out it is very appreciated.

The questions continue on where the missing 500,000 fish went from the Cowlitz River. There are some really great articles that we have included in this months newsletter. Please get your comments and concerns in to Senator Pearson so we can be heard regarding this situation and get some answers to all of our questions. You can email Senator Pearson at jess.honcoop@leg.wa.gov.

Thank you,

Don Glaser
F.O.C. President

February Presidents Message

We are getting ready to go to the Sportsmen Show at the Sun Dome in Yakima. The Shuyler’s always put on a good show. Hope to see some of you there, February 17th, 18th and 19th. I picked up the Raffle Drift Boat on Friday so that’s ready to go. Tickets are available now. Our spring chinook in the net pens are doing great. They are nice and healthy. We also received our coho eggs for the egg boxes this week, which will be distributed in the tributaries to the Cowlitz.

You will also see we have put a very disturbing article in this newsletter, that our great WDFW lost over 1/2 a million smolt again. But as you can see WDFW said they lost them and didn’t know where they went. How in the hell can that be possible??? What did they do just get up and walk out of the hatchery and go on vacation?? Bull-shit.. Its all about politics, greed and money. Once again the sportsmen takes it in the rear. The mighty Cowlitz River that use to be the number one river in the United States for steelhead and salmon is now coming in dead last on every specie that is mixed in the steelhead and salmon hatchery.

Believe me I am tired of getting fed all this garbage on their lies and excuses on how they lose all those fish and don’t know where they are going-and all the fish that are dying in the hatcheries and not telling us the real truth. No wonder our run’s are so poor every year. It’s because of all these excuses that are not true. Believe me friends, we are going to get to the bottom of this and find out what’s going on with the mighty Cowlitz. Not only that, why is it that the last 4 years that a huge percentage of our hatchery fish have all there fins on them. So if you add all these problems up and you fish the Cowlitz all day long you would be dam lucky to keep one legal fish.

At one of our meetings with WDFW and Tacoma, I told them they should be real proud of themselves that we have the only 2 hatcheries in the world that can raise dead fish. Nobody can raise dead fish like we do. As we look into this matter we will keep you posted. We are also demanding they put back in the Cowlitz our early winter run steelhead. WDFW made the remark our early winter-run Chamber Creek stock was interfering with the wild salmon spawning beds. When the early steelhead come in the river that time of year Dec, Jan and Feb there is nothing spawning at that time. What do they think we are..Stupid?? They do have many other winter run stocks they could have used.

Stay Tuned.. We will keep you posted.

Don Glaser
F.O.C. President

Presidents Message

The Washington State Sportsmen Show is coming up. Come see us in the Yakima Sun dome February 17, 2017 thru February 19, 2017.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Thank you for a great 2016. Cant wait to see what 2017 will bring.
Don Glaser

President Friends Of The Cowlitz

Boat Raffle Winner

The 2016 Boat Raffle was a big success again this year. Even though the weather was a bit chilly we had a great turnout out with tons and tons of food. Thank you to everyone who brought their favorite dish and came out in the cold.

A huge Congrats to Josh Cook of Seattle the 2016 Boat Raffle Winner.