July Fishing Report

There is not much new on the Cowlitz this week. They are still fishing and we still have fish coming in. The water has been real low, were at 3100. And this morning they brought it up a bit to 4100, so I am sure we will be hearing of a few fish. We are stills seeing some nice spring chinook, and we have our summer run coming in. We are also seeing steelhead up here at Barrier. The bulk being caught at Blue Creek for both boat and bank fishermen. They have been using the same variety, sand shrimp, a lot of eggs, Looney Coonies, corky and yarn, jigs and topping their jigs off with a piece of sand shrimp or a little looney coonie tail, Blue Fix, little cleos. The Wicked Lure has picked up now and has been pretty productive.

All in all fishing on the Cowlitz River has been going well. Mayfield has been doing pretty well for trout, from what I am hearing. Riffe Lake they are getting some nice silver’s. Swofford Pond they have been fishing for trout and bass. A few guys have also been fishing catfish.

All in all we still have a variety of fishing in the area. Take on of our nice days and relax and go fishing!

Karen Glaser
Barrier Dam Campground

July Presidents Message

Pres msg

I want to Thank Keith Smith and Gary Olson for taking charge of the fish pond over the 4th of July. We had very nice weather and a good turn out. The kids really enjoyed the fishing.

Well nice people here we go again. Looks like the WDFW and Tacoma have made another real flop on our summer run steelhead. It started out way to early for the first three weeks of the season which was pretty good but now has fallen off to almost nothing. Hopefully the biggest part of this run is coming in late but I doubt it for the way it looks so far.

If we lost over a half a million or more fish on our summer runs and cutthroat this spring what will our runs look like for the next four years? NOT GOOD! Like I have said and complained for the last 20 years, you cant keep counting dead fish on our releases of different species of fish and expect decent runs to come back to the Cowlitz.

The WDFW always complains about bad ocean conditions, I say its all bullshit! Why is it the white man rivers are poor or the hatchery rivers have poor runs but you take a look at the rivers that the Indians control and they have excellent runs and ours our piss poor. How can that be possible year after year after year?? We are sick and tired of all the lies and excuses of why we don’t have any fish. We the sportsmen and Friends of the Cowlitz are contacting our local senators and we are going to get to the bottom of this very soon.

If anyone out there has any information about any problems on these rivers and hatcheries Please let us know. Contact us no matter how big or small. We will get to the bottom of this!

Don Glaser
Friends of the Cowlitz